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edible sounds
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Norwegian Recycling - Whitney

If you have never heard the brilliance of Norwegian Recycling’s mashups and remixes, then you really have been missing out. Their latest, Whitney, a tribute to well, Whitney(Houston) is no exception.

Featuring samples Bruno Mars, Florence and the Machine, Adele, and of course Whitney herself. Listen. Download. Enjoy.

Mp3: Norwegian Recycling - Whitney

Super Mash Bros. - Paranormal Frativity
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Super Mash Bros - Paranormal Frativity

One of sixteen pretty amazing mashups, from the Miley High Club album you can get for absolutely free by simply liking their Facebook page.

Paranormal Frativity takes a very large handful of popular songs and crams, cuts, clips and snips them into just a few minutes of pure madness.

Mp3: The Smash Bros - Blame It On The Adderall

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Hi-Brid  - The Air That I Creep (Radiohead and The Hollies Mashup)

It’s a mashup! it’s a mashup! Haha

Seriously, I’m not a big fan of altering damn near perfect songs(Creep) I dunno, maybe it’s just tonight, but I’m kinda enjoying this.

Mp3: Hi-Brid - The Air That I Creep