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edible sounds
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Norwegian Recycling - Whitney

If you have never heard the brilliance of Norwegian Recycling’s mashups and remixes, then you really have been missing out. Their latest, Whitney, a tribute to well, Whitney(Houston) is no exception.

Featuring samples Bruno Mars, Florence and the Machine, Adele, and of course Whitney herself. Listen. Download. Enjoy.

Mp3: Norwegian Recycling - Whitney

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Bruno Mars - Grenade (Passion Pit Remix)

I know you see and hear him everywhere, but I still kinda like some of his music, and well Passion Pit makes me automatically like this.

It’s good. Just Listen.

Mp3: Bruno Mars - Grenade(Passion Pit Remix)

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Diby Kirana - Journey

Diby Kirana is a 22 year old pianist from Indonesia that covers pop classics and modern artists like Bruno Mars, Owl City, Beyonce and many others as well as writing and producing her own beautiful pieces like the one above.

I am a big fan of instrumental music, it really sets your mind free and lets you daydream and think, and Diby’s music is no exception.

Follow Diby right here on Tumblr and give her a listen.