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Soy La Vid - Atticus vs. The House of Leaves

A song has to be pretty good for me to recommend to certain friends of mine, otherwise I will be shamed and ridiculed to no end, or at least receive a biting, snide comment. I obviously don’t need such comments, so I choose my recommendations carefully, cautiously and wisely. I’ve yet to hear back on this recommendation.

I don’t care, I love it. (Isn’t that a song? lol)

Mp3: Soy la Vid - Atticus vs. The House of Leaves

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Jacoo - A World of Peace

I first had the pleasure of hearing this track about a month or so ago, and thought it was pretty ok, but then I think it was last week I put it on again, and then skipped back, then back again, then put it on repeat, and well, ….I’m still not tired of it.

Jacoo is  a self proclaimed producer of Liquid Dubstep and on this track he features the speech of Charlie Chaplin from the film The Great Dictator. Beautiful backing vocals and music and a awesome dialogue. Love it.

Like Jacoo on Facebook, and buy his music now available on iTunes. :)

Mp3: Jacoo - World of Peace



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Karen O - The Moon Song


This song, as is everything Karen O delivers, is pure f&@*!$g magic.

Also, I really want to see this movie.

That is all.

Mp3: Karen O  - The Moon Song

Passion Pit - Carry On
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Passion Pit - Carry On (Fun. Cover)

Love the original, but this is pretty great also.

Mp3: Passion Pit - Carry On

Step Rockets - Kisser

One track I’ve reallly been feeling lately is Kisser by Step Rockets, just can’t seem to get enough of this song. :)

Download for free @ their BandCamp page http://steprockets.bandcamp.com/releases

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Blink 182 - Feeling This

For the last month or so, I’ve been kind of sick/bored/whatever of new music….it does nothing for me. I always have music on, but nothing super new has come up and slapped me in the face, or ears, and just left me saying “wow, wow, wow”….probably because like I say I got a little bored with hunting down new music, people asking me about new music, etc.

  Recently though, I started a new playlist on my iTunes called ” Feeling This” (I know, I’m super original) and it’s basically  a list of songs I’ve kinda been feeling lately,….new old, really old, but mostly just great stuff.

I’ll try to get some of it out there to you guys…maybe,…hopefully ;)

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - In the  Summer

That new E. Sharpe album has been steadily growing on me. Full of bouncy, jangly goodness,…… and you know what? Summer isn’t over yet!

(maybe I’m in denial)About summer that is).

Mp3: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - In the Summer

Whaddaya think?

The Lumineers - Ain't Nobody's Problem
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The Lumineers - Ain’t Nobody’s Problem

Sooo, The Lumineers decided to put out a Super Duper Extended Deluxe Edition of their self titled album, annnnnd it includes FIVE new tracks! (Technically four since one is just a live version of an already released track).

New Lumineers!


New Track Listing;

Ain’t Nobody’s Problem


This Must Be the Place(Naive Melody)


Slow It Down(Live)

Buy. Listen. Love.

Mp4: The Lumineers - Ain’t Nobody’s Problem

You know that quote about, if you go home with someone and they don’t have books, then don’t fuck them? Well, the same thing applies to musical taste.

If you meet someone and they have bad musical taste, don’t fuck them!